Be a host of your very own Puppy Party.

Get a group of your own dogs and at least four other dogs. While you and your friends relax and enjoy yourselves I will be right outside making your furry friends as fabulous as you. They will get a full services groom or Deluxe Bath at the Regular Bath price. Additionally, everyone will get their choice of TWO Add On's at the price of ONE. Gas and bridge charges may apply depending on the size of the group and the distance from Crockett.

  • How to become a Member? It is as simple as coming in on a regular basis.

  • No Membership Fees!

  • Receive a 10% Discount if you have a 4 - 6 week booked appointment.

  • Receive one FREE Add-On per appointment. (excluding an entire body Dye)

  • Receive Preferred Client booking

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